T & R Chick Starter & Grower Crumbles




A complete ration with:

High Protein – contains minimum 19.5% protein to support optimum growth and development in chicks and pullets. Protein is vital in poultry diets for cell building, muscle development, organ function and feather production.

High Energy – high metabolisable energy provided by quality carbohydrates to support the intense energy requirements of early growth.

High Calcium and Phosphorous – with 1% Calcium and balanced phosphorous to ensure optimum bone growth and density and prepare pullets for the demands of laying.

Added Vitamin & Mineral Premix – made using our specially formulated premix to ensure your chicks and pullets receive the vital nutrients necessary for growth and neurological development.

Small, palatable crumble – the small crumble style improves palatability and digestibility for juvenile birds from day 1 to 15 weeks.


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5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg


Thompson & Redwood


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